Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Year's Eve - 4:30pm - pounding at your door-

You are expecting someone, but don't think they would knock like that. On your way to the door, you put a small gun in your pocket just in case. Something's up. You look out your peephole and see a young woman, she looks almost like a school teacher, she sees someone at the door, and begs you to let her in-- two men just tried to rape her, but she got away. You can hear in her voice that she's about to break down. She needs your help.

Turn to page 35 to open the door

Turn to page 71 to keep the door closed

You open the door for her, she rushes inside and almost collapses in your arms. You catch her, and as you do, two men appear in the doorway she just came through! You try to reach for the pistol, but your body doesn't react! You try harder but your arm barely moves, you try to warn her, but you can only wheeze. The young woman you tried to help steps back and turns to the two men and gestures them to enter. She says something but sounds far away and underwater. You notice the handle of a steak knife sticking out of your chest. You fall to the floor, numb. You wonder what will happen to your children as the black slowly encroaches on your vision, until it is all you can see.

You have died. You should have read this first.

But you kept your finger on the page! It doesn't count! Go back to page 14?

You reach for the doorknob, but something in the back of your mind tells you you're making a mistake. You tell the woman to wait a minute, and walk to the hall. You tell your wife to call 911 and tell her to arm herself in case the two men are still around. You return to the door and look through the peephole again, the woman looks more annoyed than afraid, you tell her to wait just a little longer, and she pleads that you open the door again. Your wife calls for you to describe her, and you begin describing her to your wife through the peephole. The woman suddenly looks startled and runs away. Confused, you wait for the police. Once they arrive, they tell you a woman matching the description had just robbed a man at knife point, and fled the scene with two men. You get the feeling you may have narrowly escaped something terrible.

Good think you read FerFAL's blog.

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Mike said...

This is why the gun doesn't go in my pocket, but stays in my hand, and most of me (including the gun hand) stays behind the door. I've got my shield, and I can shoot through it.