Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oh sweet Jesus

Working for an MSP, we do lots of technical work for a variety of companies. Some of these companies are high ranking members of their industry, and do important jobs for the country.

We are usually surprised by the poor state of some of these leaders of industry's networks. I mean, piss poor. Like, "How the hell are you the third largest distributer of [object] in the world?!"

This last one has taken the cake, baked a new one, and then fed the cakes through a paper shredder. It's unbelievable. Really. It has rendered us speechless on numerous occasions.

What does this customer do?

Well, the first word rhymes with "Bissell", and the second word rhymes with "re-fence."

There are no words to express the mixture of astonishment, fear, and discomfort I feel about this customer and how it performs it's job.

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