Thursday, February 14, 2008

Don't ignore Kommiefornia. It won't just go away.

Gunnies have disdain for California (or Kommiefornia), and unfortunately, disdain for gunnies who live IN California. Many gunnies evacuate California for greener pastures, and join the non-Californian gunnies who wish aloud that California simply break off and sink into the ocean. In fact, the NRA has expressed disinterest in fighting some gun laws in California, simply because they don't think they'll win. This is hazardous.

As I've stated previously California is more than a place where crazy laws are passed, it's also a test bed for laws. Recently, microstamping passed Arnold "What's my party again?" Schwarzenegger's desk with his seal of approval. I warned that failure to fight these laws will result in them spreading to other states, and then being optioned as federal law. That is happening now.

So, gunnies; do as you please, but know that you ignore "Kommiefornia" at your own peril.

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