Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ownage courtesy of Tam

Kim du Toit provides a sticker reading;
I love my country
More than I hate
John McCain

Tam counters;
"I love my country so much that I'll screw it by encouraging the GOP to keep nominating tools like John McCain."


blogagog said...

I love my country so much I won't damn it with McCain!

Suck on that.

ExistingThing said...

I"m more concerned about the long-term goal of returning to conservatism.

If every person who reluctantly voted for McCain sent a letter to the leaders of the Republican party saying, "We'll vote for McCain this time, but we need a conservative next time OR ELSE." I don't think I'd have a problem voting McCain.

Unfortunately that won't happen, and the only way to send that message to the big R's up in the sky is to refuse to vote McCain.

Josh said...

Why isn't there a Libertarian party candidate, again? Or a libertarian-minded independent? Or a liberty minded (R)? Or (D) for that matter? Why do we get stuck with the Tax-Spend ultra-libs, or Tax-Spend ultra-cons?

I'd swallow all the rhetoric about legalizing pot from the Libertarian party if it meant getting somebody whose core beliefs were to leave my core beliefs alone. It's just too bad that always has to come to the forefront and marginalize the good things.

ET, I know you're secretly hoping for Hildabeast - I don't blame you. It would be better for long term (R) candidates to have her win, but the short term...well, we've discussed this, haven't we?

ExistingThing said...

Well, that short term possibility is one of my secret reasons for hoping as I do. If damage were localized, we could get this country back on track without things getting too gnarly.