Friday, February 15, 2008

And now, a fairy tale

Obama's Global Poverty Act

That's right folks, if we give people money, they won't be poor! So, if we give the WORLD .7% of our GDP, the whole WORLD won't be poor!

You too can feel self-important like Bono by simply filling a boat with money, and sending it to Africa. Of course, what happens to the money after it gets there is not your concern. Who cares if it funds warlords and the further oppression of the people it's supposed to save, you helped!

As a side note; if we can agree that the innocent are being oppressed in Africa, why don't we send them guns to protect themselves? We've already established that some of these guys are innocent, why not trust them to defend themselves?

Of course, if someone suggested such a thing, they'd counter that the guns could fall into the wrong hands... While they send money to Africa, and don't care if it reaches the right people.

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blogagog said...

That sounds like Coffee Anon's[sic] plan. In fact, it IS Coffee's[sic] UN plan!

It was poorly thought out 5 years ago for reasons you mentioned, and it's still poorly thought out today.