Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Hold your nose rifle and vote for Romney

The tiniest thread of support was all that allowed me to vote for McCain. That thread was the supreme court justices and the Heller case.

When the highest court in the land was able to find a right to bear arms in the constitution BY ONE STINKIN' VOTE I realized that we were in worse shape than I was willing to admit. So I voted for McCain solely because of the supreme court justices.

But after Roberts found the government has the power to tax you for NOT doing something, that thread snapped, and all bets were off. The highest court in the land was now subject to popularity contests and political considerations. So nuts to them.

With that final tether gone, will I hold my nose and vote for Romney?

Not technically.

I've considered "throwing my vote away" on a third party, and were Obama not the alternative, I likely would. If this election were McCain vs Hillary, I'd vote Libertarian with smile.

But we're not facing the usual flavor of liberal. We're up against one so hopelessly lost in ideology that he will drive us off the cliff and tell us we'll be fine all the way to the ground. He's such an amateur that he can't even recognize his destructive actions will doom himself along with everyone else. He is so arrogant that he almost lives in a dream world where he is the hero and literally everyone else is wrong and against him.

He's an existential threat to this country, and I honestly believe the country we love won't survive another 4 years of him.

I'm voting for Mitt Romney, not because I'm holding my nose, but because I'm holding my rifle, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to use it to defend my family in the civil unrest that will unfold after 4 more years of spiraling debt, dangerously incompetent management, and the unspeakable horrors not even Obama felt safe unleashing before his second term.

The reason I'm voting for Romney because I don't want to shoot anyone.

That said, we've been building some of these problems for decades, and I have no illusion that Romney or anyone would be able to stop The Great Correction from taking place, but I'm positive that Romney will buy us more time than Obama. While many advocate taking your medicine now instead of later, taking it later means more time to buy food, water, and ammo, so I'll take every second I can get.

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