Saturday, October 13, 2012

Death Merchantry

I don't suppose it should come as a surprise, but I rather enjoy selling guns to people.

Some guns are just for fun, and selling fun things to people who want to have fun just can't help but be fun.

When I recommend a 10/22 to someone and know they're going to be able to do the tin can dance for hours for about $20, and feel great afterwards, it makes me feel great.

Other guns serve more serious purposes, and being part of that is still very fulfilling.

Talking to someone about their worries and fears, and helping them choose the appropriate means to empower themselves and control their concerns is... solemn? I'm not quite sure. It almost feels like a responsibility of having the technical knowledge to speak to the strengths and weaknesses of different firearms. It's definitely special.

Guns can provide us with so much.

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