Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Olga update

[Olga's quest continues...]

It's been a bit, and I think I owe some of you an update on Olga's quest through the Mazes of Menace. I know some of you saw no further update on her progress and, assuming the worst, though it best not to touch on the subject. I appreciate your respectfulness on the situation. :)

Olga died of a typo (sigh) which resulted in her death at the hands of a co-aligned priest (don't ask) Suffice to say, I felt her death to be quite untimely, and felt secure in reanimating her for another go!
Olga is dead! Long live Olga!

Shortly after starting Olga's second game, I stated aloud that I felt good about this game. Normally this would have been a cue for the RNG to give me a beat down, but for some reason (possibly the excessive caution I've been using) Olga has been doing quite well. She's a little bit past the first phase of survival, and I'm starting to scrounge up all the necessary equipment to go deeper. Nothing exciting has happened so far, except for the fact that the RNG seems hell-bent on keeping me from having a pet...

[To be continued...]

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