Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The confidence to handle a situation

Old story but relevant; this concealed carry permit owner and firearms trainer encounters a situation where he's glad he had his weapon on him.

Contrary to how CCW permit holders are portrayed, he didn't get in a shootout, he didn't return fire in a high speed vehicle pursuit, he didn't dive off an exploding tanker truck while shooting two guns, in fact; he didn't even use his weapon.

He found himself (and his family) in the beginnings of a dangerous situation, and since he was armed he was able to handle the situation with strength and the confidence that he would be able to handle the situation if it escalated.

Second, the only reason I believe I had the courage to stand up to them and show strength was that I knew I had a Plan B tucked away on my hip. The criminals never knew the gun was there, yet the gun helped me out of the situation. This is a value of concealed carry that most people miss.

You won't find this situation on any gun-related statistics, and yet the gun played an important part in the confrontation.

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