Monday, December 19, 2005

Art Style

12 13 05
My art style, I fear, is limiting. I’m used to applying hard, sharp lines to my work which limits my ability to draw softer objects. My charcoal control is such that the drawing may start soft but end up much harder and more overdone than intended. Recently I picked my space pen backup and was once again reminded of its ability as an instrument. I enjoy mucking about with charcoal but ballpoint pen (especially my space pen) affords me much more control and range than my current skill level in charcoal allows. I worry that my skills will become limited as I continue to use the same style. But whatever. I’ve taken to drawing odd shapes and lines and seeing what I can make of them. It’s much more interesting than attempting to draw “X”. My last drawing was done this way. I always surprise myself when I’m done. It’s hard to believe I drew something so well. No matter how much I deny it, I seem to be somewhat skilled.

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