Friday, July 14, 2006

DC Crime "Emergency"

So apparently some of those folks in their mansions are starting to realize that they aren't magically exempted from crime. Not that I'm making light, this is clearly a tragedy, but when a tragedy could have been avoided we need to focus on finding a solution.

Still, announcing a "crime emergency" seems a little odd. Maybe that's because the word "emergency" implies that something is suddenly happening. This HAS been happening and WILL continue to happen until something is done. But don't worry, the "Only Ones" are on the case...

"We try to prevent this from happening," Police Sgt. Scott Fear said. "We're going to reallocate our resources. We're going to see what improvements we can make."
Hey, well, they try to prevent these things. Close is close enough right? I guess; unless you're bleeding to death from a slit throat in your own driveway... If prevention was the name of the game then why did they already know where the assailants lived? "The officers did a great job," the chief said. "They played a hunch, and it turned out right." Hey, lets all pat ourselves on the back! We got him eh? No harm, no foul? I guess; unless you're bleeding to death from a slit throat in your own driveway...

But lets forget about all that (I'm sure they'd love us to), because they're going to reallocate resources. One question, if you allocate resources TO someplace, don't resources get allocated AWAY from others? "You got robbed WHERE? Ma'am, we can't police the entire place. Please try to get robbed at the Mall where there are more police." But I suppose that they just have limited resources. No, wait. They have the highest police/population ratio in the nation. Hmm. Got any other bright ideas? Oh crap, they do:

Police are asking Mall visitors to "be our eyes and ears," Fear said. "We're going to ask them to be vigilant." From AP article here.
Please excuse me a moment while I try to stop seeing red... Little bit more... Hmm, it looks as though I'm going to have to settle for a shade of pink.
For god's sake! Just say it! Just say, "We can't be everywhere!" Urge people to buy a gun! Oops. Guns are banned. Maybe a Stun-gun? Nope. Pepper spray? Yeah, Pepper spray! After you register to carry it. Good luck tourists... Maybe you should pick up a rape whistle before you visit.

Well, with so many law-abiding citizens being victimized why haven't the legislators realized that making laws against guns only stops people who obey the laws? I mean, they work there, they've got to see what's happening! Oh wait, they've got body guards armed with those evil assault weapons they hate so much. Well, they paid for them, so it's only fair right? Oh, wait, our taxes paid for them.

Disarming honest citizens is government assisted homicide. This is our fucking nation's capital, and you can't pause to look at a monument to our freedom without having to fear being shanked by some lowlife! DISGUSTING!

I don't even want to finish this. It's leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

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defiant_infidel said...

Outstanding, Sir! SPOT ON.

I'm also amused to see this cryptic "outrage" about this "sudden", troublesome phenomenom. Glad it caught your discerning eye also... sometimes I feel like I am alone on an island. Man oh man, don't these idiots PISS ME OFF!

Great piece of writing!

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