Monday, July 10, 2006

Sick Satisfaction

Along with being semi-ambidextrous, I'm cross dominant. This means that I'm right hand dominant, and left eye dominant, so I aim a handgun from my right hand with my left eye. Like most cross dominant people, I shoot a rifle as though I'm left handed.

I didn't even know I would do that, the first time I was handed a rifle, I picked it up in my left hand, walked out, shot it left handed, and returned. When someone said, "I didn't know you shot left handed." I said "I do?" It was an odd experience...

Since I shoot rifles left handed, I plan on picking up a Stag-15 2HL (lefty) upper assembly for my AR. Drawn to the promise of no brass in the face, I couldn't resist.

I do, however, take a (slightly sick) satisfaction in the knowledge that the majority of the people who will shoot my AR WILL get some brass in the face. I suppose I just want to do my part to balance the world of lefties getting the brass in the face.

Take that righty!

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