Monday, July 10, 2006

Tactical lights

The question of the use of tactical lights has been a point of contention among gun owners.

Some argue that the light is necessary for surprising a goblin and removing his use of darkness. Some argue that lights only tip your hand, and let the goblin know where to shoot. Some will even argue that you should just use a big mag-lite so it can also be used as a weapon. (!!!)

I hadn't made up my mind until I realized that taking a life is not something you should do when you only see a silhouette. Shooting a non-combatant or family member is not an acceptable trade-off for ANY ill effects of using a light when securing your home. Besides, rule 4 dictates that you be sure of your target, and it's one of the 4 for a reason.

I've decided that temporary use of the light is the best way to go. Momentarily shining it on an area you have not secured and then turning it off seems like a good way to keep intruders from seeing you coming, while being sure of your target.

I picked up a glock light for my XD service model last week for a good price and have enjoyed the slim profile, solid look, ease of use, and brightness. (Though the ideal would be a nice surefire, a cheap light now is better than an expensive light later)

With the glock light on the XD I've only had to adjust my grip slightly to allow me to use my supporting hand index finger to actuate the light temporarily or click it on.

I confess to being attracted to the appearances of the glock light over the Springfield offering (xtreme mini-light). I like how it adds to the lines on the XD. Picking something for looks is not something I'd be proud of doing, but since I'm not sacrificing function, the looks are just icing on the cake! Pics to follow.

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