Thursday, July 06, 2006

Make your own AK

Just add water!

About two months ago while doing some AR research, I found a site that seemed to indicate that you could make your own AK receiver. Which prompted the only rational reply one could expect of me;
"OMGWTFBBQ BIY AK?!?!!!111eleven"

I began researching the prospect to see what I would need to accomplish this task, but hit a bump in the road. While there was plenty of information on the web regarding the process; 90% of the information was 60% complete, and only covered 30% of the entire process anyway. did ya get that? :) I didn't doubt that I could find all the information I needed, I just knew it was going to take a bit longer.

So for weeks I searched, and clicked, and bookmarked, and sorted, and reviewed, and became more and more familiar with the process. But I still couldn't find an exhaustive guide on the process, start to finish. I knew that when I had the parts in front of me, things would make more sense, and I knew I had enough information to get by, but since I wasn't in much of a rush (I decided not to start before I finished my AR) I've been consolidating my findings and doing more focused research on more specific topics.

I'd love nothing more than to talk about my findings and share my resources, but feel compelled to wait until I've actually started the build. I'd hate to point someone towards information that was incomplete or misleading.

So! AK build HOWTO... Coming soon!

EDIT: Ye flippin' gods! Could this be...? The perfect tutorial???

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