Friday, July 21, 2006

mY <e>-mail ** [is] |n0t h1dden% D0t comb

I get sick of seeing peoples' feeble attempts to obfuscate their e-mail addresses.

wtf <AT> omgmail {D0t} com
bbq (at sign) spambotswillnevergetthis +dot+ c0m
rtfm {shift 2} omgpancakesdangerous [){}'][' org

Trust me; all these attempts are easily defeated by bots. I've written bots (NO, not spambots!) and these methods will do nothing to stop any coder who spent more than 15 minutes on his bot's e-mail finding abilities.

Were I more inclined, I'd provide some regex examples; but I'm neither inclined, nor keen on the idea of other bot writers using my tricks.

Instead I'll tell you a great way to avoid bots without murdering your e-mail address. The trick is to give the bots what they want; an e-mail address. (take out the "9") (take out the "q")

The thing with most bots, is that they will seek to encapsulate the e-mail address, as long as you leave corrections outside the address, most will miss it, and even more will be unable to process your instructions.

Make sure you use a valid character, a number or letter. Using a invalid character like a pound sign or star will make bots remove it. Also refrain from messing with the .com, it's an obvious fix for the bots.

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