Friday, April 29, 2011

The royal family's shit stinks.

One of the things that makes America amazing is that the people who run it are not our betters. They are our peers. (technically, they're our employees once they get elected, but I digress) These people are just individuals. They're anyone. They're not a special class, they're not a higher caste, they have no birthright. They're just individuals. And when you have a country full of "just individuals" the only thing that stands out is what each individual does. The accomplishments of the individual. The honor of the individual. The integrity of the individual.

I can't help but cringe when people fawn over people who they think are better than them. Be they celebrities, politicians, or "royalty." Whether or not this actively makes them less than those they fawn over is a question worth asking.

Given the above, you can imagine what hearing about the royal wedding has done to my faith in the people of this country. So I'm just going to state a few facts that I think some people need to hear. Particularly in the UK.

When a member of the royal family get a paper cut; it bleeds.
When a member of the royal family sexually attracted; they lust.
When a member of the royal family is thirsty; they drink.
When a member of the royal family goes underwater; they return for breath.
When a member of the royal family shits in a toilet; it stinks.

They are just people.
They have the same organs as you.
They require the same food as you.
They put their pants on one leg at a time... Just. Like. You.

They are NOT magical.
They are NOT better by birthright.
They are NOT smarter, faster, and stronger.
They are NOT infallible.
They are NOT perfect.

Judge them by their accomplishments, their character, their triumphs, and their personal strength.

Then see where they compare to a single mother working two jobs to keep her kids in private school.


Lokidude said...

Entirely correct. Judged by their accomplishments, though, these two young men are doing alright. The older flies SAR helicopters for the RAF, and the younger is racking up bona fides as a certified badass (Challenger certified, Apache certified, forward air controller, 2 combat tours, wanting a third, loved by his men).

That said, I don't get all the fawning at the titles and crap.

Guffaw in AZ said...

As I've said for years, "I thought we fought a war to get away from those A$$%^&*@!"

Mike said...

Just another inbred family on welfare...