Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ronnie Barrett spits on California's gun laws again

First he tells the LAPD that he won't repair the guns they bought from him because they were using them as political pieces to advance the cause of gun control.

Then he developed the .416 Barrett, which just happened to circumvent California's .50 caliber ban.

And now a bullet button magazine release...

Wonder why he developed this...?


pdb said...

Ronnie Barrett is a fucking hero.

Guffaw in AZ said...

You gotta love a guy whp puts his money where his mouth is!
and, what pdb said!

NotClauswitz said...

Haw!! Stupid 10-round limit.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie is a fuck wad. The reason a rifle costs that much is because it seems exotic and the rich, or the govt. with your money will pay. Remember the 18 the century Hawken was .50 cal.

Fletch said...

Hey Anon, remember that time the military wanted a semi auto man portable long range platform based on the 50 BMG and no one else could get it right until you made one? Oh wait, that was Ronnie Barrett.

Well remember that time you had tons of sweet local government maintenance contracts that paid you thousands of dollars for doing almost nothing and then you gave them up for your principals? Oh darn, that was Ronnie Barrett too!

Well remember that time you found a 3 year old post on some blog on the Internet and hated on the man who did all the above while comparing a Browning designed .50 caliber smokeless cartridge capable of about 10,000 foot pounds of energy to a half inch ball of lead formed over a campfire packed into a tube with some black powder behind it? I remember. I'd like to forget.