Sunday, January 09, 2011

Light, full power rifles making a comeback

Looks like I'm not the only one who likes light, full power rifles, and it looks like we just got some support from Ruger.

1. It looks awesome, and I hope it'll be available in lefty.
2. It looks awesome, and why on earth wouldn't it have M1A mags?
3. It looks awesome, and why in god's name is the MSRP 1k?!

Can't wait to find out more.


Gudis said...

1. They make a lefty receiver, so I guess it's possible
2. AICS mags are pretty much the de-facto standard for bolty 308s these days it seems (almost all of the after-market DBMs use them). They probably didn't want to spend any money actually engineering anything.
3.The MSRP on the standard model lefty M-77 is $827, so that doesn't seem too crazy in comparison.

If I wanted a scout rifle, I would just buy a Savage 308, pay a smith to mount a rail to the barrel, and maybe install a DBM, though I'm not sure you'd end up saving much money...

Mike said...

Guidis: Savage sells a scout rifle already, no need to do mods beyond the magazine mod, and that's not really something that is needed per Cooper's requirements IIRC. MSRP is $814.