Monday, October 11, 2010

California budget 100 days late, relies upon magical money shitting goat to close gaps

Not quite a magical goat, but it might as well have been. They balanced the budget on the expectation that the economy will turn from bust to boom on a dime, and that the feds will give them a bigger allowance this year cuz they've been mowing the lawn, and taking out the trash, and keeping their room clean.

To anyone familiar with California's "maybe we'll win 4.8 billion dollars in the lottery next year" budget planning style, this should come as no surprise. But the fact that they're doing it in the middle of the great recession super happy recovery time, is just salt in the giant sucking chest wound that is California's fiscal liabilities.

Wait a minute... Are the feds the magical money shitting goat??? Maybe they're not so crazy...

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