Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quote of the United Socialist States of America

I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.
~Barack Obama


He goes on to talk about how people work for the economy, which shows a complete failure to understand the very basic tenants of our economy.

The reason America is an economic superpower is because her people do not have a cap on their earning potential. This allows them to tap into their most basic human function, self interest. But since one person can't succeed in a vacuum, other people benefit and succeed specifically because that one person was driven to the heights of success.

The power of America doesn't lie in that big chair you happen to be renting for four years, it lies in the spirit of free men and women. Free men and women who work for themselves, not for society, not for the economy, and certainly not for you.

But I guess that's the problem, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

You sound like one of the bitter people Obama referred to (in a rare moment of truth telling); clinging to your Bible and guns.

And now add money to that list.

wirecutter said...

How come nobody ever questions the amount of money him and Monkeyface make?

Anonymous said...

"The reason America is an economic superpower is because her people do not have a cap on their earning potential"

You don't think, then, that the fact that it's a very large country and the rest of the Western world got their industry destroyed in WW2 anything to do with it? It's not like the US leads the world on GDP per capita, worker happiness or efficiency - you're an "economic superpower" largely because you were the only big, developed economy that didn't take much damage in the second world war.

And incidentally, if you're going to be patronising you might want to understand the basic tenets of English - a tenant is not remotely the same thing.

Fletch said...

Well, if grammar and spelling invalidate arguments, then it's spelled "patronizing," not "partronising."

True we benefit from our semi-isolation from the late unpleasantness, but you're forgetting that we are an extremely young country, and we were still an industrial superpower prior to the depression and WW2, so what is your excuse for that time?

It matters only slightly where you are, if you free people to unleash their potential, the sky is the limit. Dragging the individual down in the interest of fairness is fair only to those who aren't working hard.

I'm not one to impose my beliefs on another country, so if you're content dragging down the people who work hard to make it easier for you to work less, you are free to do so.

My heart goes out to those who have known no freedom to succeed because their nannies denied them the freedom to fail.

Fletch said...

Almost forgot; I lol'd at "worker happiness."

You want to know what makes a real worker happy? WORK. Good, honest, sweat-of-your-brow WORK. That's what makes a worker happy.

I think you confused "worker happiness" with "looter happiness." Because looters don't want to work. They want as much money as they can get for as little work as they can manage. They'd jump at the chance to get paid not to work because they think they deserve the spoils of the toils of other people. In the interest of "fairness," of course. Because if you are successful, it's not because you worked hard and made good decisions; it's because you were lucky, and don't deserve to keep all that money when they have so little.

Class warfare is an ugly, counterproductive thing. Continue enjoying your country's slow decline. But don't worry, the way things are going, we'll join you shortly.