Friday, April 16, 2010

Impressive customer service

I was cleaning my paintball markers last night, and realized my Phantom needed some parts. Nothing too critical, just parts that make it run a little more smoothly, and some new springs to replace the lighter springs that were giving me low velocity.

I checked the availability of the parts, and found them available from CCI (producer of the Phantom) for distractingly reasonable prices, but I could only order by phone, so I gave them a call.

Mike Cassidy, designer and producer of the Phantom since 1987, answers the motherfucking phone!

Once I realize it's really him, I compliment him on his marker design, and place my order, which he says he'll rush out to send so he can make the last pickup of mail.

I'm just not used to service like that. Especially from what I later found was a one-man shop that has been kicking butt for over 20 years. Phantoms are still very popular lightweight pump markers. Awesome.

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Gudis said...

If I had the money, or to be more accurate, if I played paintball more than once in a blue moon, I would totally get a Phantom. I've got a pair of WGP Sniper pumps, but they're just not as pretty.