Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pearl's Girl - Underworld (live)

If that last one was too soft for you...

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rioja. rioja. reverend al green. deep blue morocco. the water on stone. the water on concrete. the water on sand. the water on fire. smoke. the wind. the salt. the bride boat coming. dave in the water. old man. einstein on top of his house. white deep blue andalusia red yellow red yellow black car. red light. far. black place. walls. blue chair. morocco. hamburg. paris. the pieces of the puzzle are waiting. the water of the dark boats gliding. the bride boats gone out to sea and dave is floating. dave is floating. and old man einstein crazy in his attic. crazy.

white room. sun room. shadow room. night transmitting cars across the room. these things sent to dance across the room. eye watching from your bed. returning to you.

[repeat first verse]

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Mike said...

That song brings me back! I got it on an MTV Amp CD in about 97. Might still have that disk around here somewhere...

Thanks for the blast from the past. That song was the soundtrack for many a late-night/early morning trip to wherever in my Olds.