Monday, December 07, 2009

911 call: Woman shoots crazed intruder

It is rare that you get the chance to vicariously live this kind of experience.

Not a dramatically directed reenactment or a somber recount of the experience, but a quantum leap into the actual event. You hear the calm, the resolve, the growing fear, the terror, and the sorrow.

It's unreal.

Of particular note is that fact that she didn't know this man. She was sleeping in her bed when her dog alerted her to the presence of a man to whom she had done no previous wrong.

This was simply a random act of violence, and reminds us of a harsh reality;

Random acts of violence can visit anyone, at any time, and irrevocably shatter lives.

It's a terrible situation all around. One man who didn't want to die, dead. One woman who never wanted to take a life, having taken one.

Who wins here?
What is the point?
What was the motivation?
How could it have been prevented?

Do you want to know the answer to these questions?

You are free to demand these answers or ponder the possibilities, but ONLY if you already own an effective weapon of defense and have the experience to use it confidently.

If you are unprepared and you want answers to these questions, I hope any criminal you might encounter isn't as divorced from reality as you are.

Do you imagine yourself an audience member of this play called life?

Do you watch these events from an opera house box seat? Offering your critical analysis, witty comment, and scathing sarcasm with the same inconsequence as one would watching a movie?

You are not separated from these events by the barrier between reality and fiction. All that separates you from all those things you see on your local news, and the 911 audio you've just heard is your own mental disconnect.

Just remember that your mental disconnect won't prevent an insane person you've never met from throwing your patio furniture through your back door and violating your sanctuary from reality.

Hopefully that will be all he violates.

Oh yeah, the cops took 16 minutes to get there from the time the guy set foot in the woman's home.

Do you think you can survive 16 minutes from that point?

Do you think you can survive 5?

How about 1? Imagine a crazy guy just entered the room you are in right now. He's raving and holding a steak knife. He screams that it's all your fault, and charges you.

Start the clock!


There, but for the grace some random crazed meth-head, go I.

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knice said...

I hope some lawyer doesnt sue her for not giving a warning or some other BS.

Mike said...

Thankfully, she's safe on that front. Oklahoma is a Castle Doctrine state. The state would have to prove that she didn't act in self defense to lose her civil immunities.

Castle is a powerful tool for afterward.