Monday, November 23, 2009

Quote of the poison

Both Modern Warfare games have a kind of escalating win mechanism for people who are performing well, and the "Killstreaks" only get more brutal in Modern Warfare 2 with the advent of the AC-130 or the Tactical Nuke - the latter of which wins games instantly. I resented it initially, until I recognized the core of shame that spun within the anger. As a young man, infinitely worse than the promise of corporal punishment was the shameful trip to the kitchen to obtain "the spoon," a plastic mixing utensil as supple as a hickory switch which was the implement of my torment. Certainly, being bombarded with 105 millimeter shells is bad. But the knowledge that your armed your enemy thus, with your sloth and your ineptitude, unfolds in the heart like a poison.

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Mike said...

Eh, not entirely. The problem with streaks is that it can be your noob-ass "team mates" who gave your enemy such power. I hate being shackled to feckless losers in online shooter games...

All the perks and kill streak rewards and general bullshit is one more reason for me to avoid MW2. Those were my least favorite things about COD:4.

I miss the days when all you did in a shooter game was shoot fuckers and maybe lob a grenade or two...