Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Quote of the Debt

I'm not convinced the majority of people are up to the task yet we protect them from their own stupidity almost as if they were children who would grow up someday. I sometimes see a future where the system collapses and Darwin collects on a massive debt we have been accumulating for the last 100 years. It would have been far, far better in so many ways to pay off Darwin in regular installments than to have the Grim Reaper swing his scythe in such a broad swath as I sometimes see as plausible.
~Joe Huffman

A quote of the day off of a different quote of a day. Very meta.


Joe Huffman said...


But could you correct my typo? It should be "Grim" instead of "Grime". I didn't notice until I read it here.

Thanks again.

Fletch said...

Corrected, Joe.

I never notice my typos until after I publish. I could proofread it 10 times, hit publish, and still find things when I read it on the blog.