Monday, November 26, 2007

Miscellaneous Updates

Hey guys... Still alive... Though not for lack of trying to kill myself by staying up as much as possible while on call after I dropped the ball last time I was on call. fail Following is a bunch of updates on various topics...

I'd been meaning to revisit my large blanket crochet project, and finally got around to it. I made surprising progress with just a few hours a night. Might as well get something done while wasting away in front of teevee programs that do not interest me. (though HGTV seems to be growing on me) Large blankets are always nice, but I wanted a LARGE blanket. Like 8'x10'. As soon as the idea popped into my head I already knew what color I'd make it, and grabbed the "camo" yarn (beige/green/brown/black) for which I'd been having difficulty finding a use. I chose a double stitch and kept it very loose (which was hard for me because I always want it to look tight and nice), after a few rows I was very glad I'd made it so loose. I like the idea of large casual projects because the investment can be very low and the result very satisfying.

I've never really questioned why I found crocheting interesting, I just figured it was about creating things. After I got started and became familiar with the progression of a project and the properties of different stitches, I made some semi-complicated half-finger gloves and then put down the hook for a while. The blanket I'm working on is currently more of a scarf; but I'll keep everyone abreast of updates.
Posts pertaining to this topic will follow under the name,
"Blanket Watch 2007" and will likely begin never.

We went to the gun show last weekend, and while I wanted to go on the first day to find the good deals that usually get snatched up early, I guess it probably was a good think I didn't, because I'm trying to NOT spend money. The midday of the last day of the show was a better choice because more folks were interested in making deals and getting rid of their stock. Found some NON-reproduction Russian Mosin clips, and because I only vaguely remembered that original Russians were supposed to be good, I only bought two. Both have performed flawlessly so far, and retain the rounds well. I have yet to make them produce rimlock in the magazine, even when I try. (a testament to good clips!) I must look for this guy next show... Also picked up a .50 ammo can for a whopping $3 and a canteen cooking stand for $2. My canteen pouch now holds a canteen, a metal cup, and a cooking stand. All I need to do is add a magnesium firestarter to the little pocket on the side of the canteen pouch and I'll have most of what I need for simple cooking. Gotta love the simplicity of these tools. I eyeballed the Enfields throughout the show and found what seems like a new semi-local gun shop which promises to have a bunch of used LEO shotguns and some 308 Enfields (or "Smelly Ishys" if my lingo is correct). I've been on the look out for some cheap inexpensive shotguns I can lend out in case of emergency.

We went to my Aunt's Saturday-After-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner, and I was reminded of exactly where I get my crazies from. One of my cousin's friends attended the dinner and during a collaboratively disjointed discussion about... well... actually the discussion had no subject (literarily speaking)... anyways, he held up his hands and said, "Wait, I think I'm the only one who doesn't get this conversation because I'm the only one trying to make sense of it." I guess that pretty much sums it up. My Aunt and her friends have... interesting tastes, so the food is always very different, and usually very good.

Dexter was exceedingly good last night. I was reminded of what good writing and cinematography can do to you when I noticed my heart pounding in my chest when [highlight for spoiler] the FBI came for him. [/highlight for spoiler]

I've been letting my normally buzzed hair grow out, and it's longer than its ever been (which really isn't that long). I always cut it after it got too wavy, but now it seems the length is straightening out most of the waviness. It's uncharted territory, but I think it looks good. It is rather strange to actually have to care for my hair more than simply giving it a few strokes of a brush.

No updates on Dwarf Fortress yet. (Sorry guys, I'm sure that's why you all visited)

After my sister got married young (18) I've always seemed to have a problem with it. I never really intended to, I just had trouble having the same relationship with her that I had before it happened. It hurt me to see myself pushing her away, so I'd invite her over, or hang out with her, but even then it still felt awkward. Last night she and her husband (who's a really great guy) came over to eat sushi and drink, and it was the first time since her wedding (3 years?) that I didn't feel disconnected from her. We watched TV, played guitar hero, and wii, and sat and talked about every which thing. They wound up leaving 6 hours later, and my girlfriend and I felt good about the experience. I truly hope I'm over whatever hangup I had, and this wasn't just a fluke.

We saw Beowulf in 3D, which was quite entertaining. Very cool movie, and very worth seeing in 3D. I'm not sure if it was the 3D or if it was the IMAX HOLY-SHIT-I'M-30-FEET-FROM-THE-SCREEN experience, but the movie felt more satisfying than I thought it should have.

Thanks to this jerk I really want to spend money on one of these. It's the first time in a while I'm really excited about a new product. Of course, I'll wait until a few hardware/software revisions, and user reviews before I consider buying one, but the idea sounds so perfect!

I'm taking violin lessons at the ripe old age of 23. I'd always wanted to learn an instrument and always thought the violin would be a great instrument to learn. The last time I seriously considered it, I quickly admonished myself with the standards; too old, no time, too hard, no music experience, lack of commitment, too expensive, etc. etc. etc. But this time I actually realized what I was doing. I was holding myself back from something I wanted to do. So I said aloud (while alone in the car, of course) "No. Fuck you. Don't tell me what I can't do. I'm going to learn to play the violin just to prove to you that I can." I'm 5 lessons in, and my teacher says I'm a natural. I'm always a little surprised when I practice for three days and seem to make no progress, and suddenly notice a leap forward on the fourth day. I plan to learn the basics and continue practice on my own until my skill catches up to my knowledge. Honestly, I'm amazed at what an hour a day can accomplish. Wouldn't you give up an hour a day to learn or do something you've always wanted to? I'm memorizing songs surprisingly easily, unfortunately I'm supposed to practice reading the music and usually just wind up playing it from memory. Having a great memory is a good problem to have, I suppose. :)

At Thanksgiving my mother introduced me to a Russian friend of hers she met in an ESL class. Apparently her husband thought that since he brought her to America and she spoke poor English, he could do as he pleased. Wrong. Police reports have been filed, and she's staying with my mom for now. I'm hurt that people can be so despicable. But at the same time I'm inspired that people can help strangers in need.

The air has smelled different lately, and I feel like my senses are more acute (but without apprehension). I feel change coming.

I've added a new tag; reflection.


No Names Necessary said...

So Many Points:

1. That ASUS looks like a great deal.
2. Not everyone visits for Dwarf fortress, some people mock dwarf fortress then go play Call of Duty 4, and for some reason they're totally lost on the storyline because somewhere they missed 2 hours...
3. Crochet means you're the ghey. It's all about latch-hook...make a manly homage to Dragon Force.
4. I'm flattered that you called helping me move "the gun show". I've always joked about my biceps in that way, but I have been working them (flex).
5. Dexter rocks. Next week can't come soon enough.

defiant_infidel said...

Crocheting? Learning violin?

I bet you think I am about to say something derogatory?

You couldn't be more wrong. You continue to impress me beyond words. (And how often do you think I am short on words...)

blogagog said...

Jeez, I've tried like 5 times to put a comment here, but evil political correctness keeps making me hit the 'delete' key before I hit 'post'.

So let me just say... Crochet. Heh.

Fletch said...

Blogi, if I was afraid of a little razzing, I probably wouldn't have posted it. And you should know this is a "No political correctness" zone!

blogagog said...

Cool! First let me say that my grandmother is part of a crochet 'click' that includes a few men as well. She says that they are some of the coolest gay men she's ever met.

- ASUS rocks in all things (all my non-work motherboards sport their name), but that one is to tiny to be of worth. Perhaps it would look good with a crocheted doily on it? Or a crocheted dress? I'll ask my wife... she's good with girly stuff.

- Your dwarf fortress does not look nearly gay enough. Consider putting crocheted rainbow flags on the ramparts.

- I'm forced to wonder: what are you doing with your guns? They're for shooting, you crocheting perv!

- Stay away from my kids.

Ok, I'm done :). Of course I'm just kidding, but seriously... crochet? Sheesh.

blogagog said...

Also, does your crochet habit ever conflict with your expressive-dance classes?

Would you rather do a perl needle cross-stitch or perform that ballet you are so well known for?

Ok, I'm done :).