Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My beautiful, ugly gun


blogagog said...

"My beautiful, ugly gun"

I can only agree with one of those adjectives :). Is that a hippie gun?

Fletch said...

It's an awesome gun, and a lot of fun, so it's definitely beautiful. But it just looks ugly to me.

Hippie gun? Well, it's economical, and doesn't produce that much waste, or pollute, it's clearly against deforestation with it's paint job. I guess it kind of is a hippy gun.

That doesn't worry me TOO much, while I don't agree with what hippies think, I know a few who are avid gunnies.

blogagog said...

you should convert the bullets so they are tipped with metallic 'flowers' :). That would be the ultimate hippie insult: To be killed by a flower.

(I'm not advocating shooting hippies at all, even with flowers, but I might have trouble holding back tears of laughter if such a scenario actually occurred.)