Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What is the meaning of life?

Life is an impermanent thing, just living it will tell you that. You will always find out new things. Your perceptions will always change. Your reality might even change! Point being, you, and all other creatures on this planet live in a world controlled by the impermanent. Just imagine the ways your life could change in an instant: your results could come back positive, you could find your house door jimmied open, you could get a phone call, any number of things could result in your life becoming something you never would have expected.

It is my experience that people as children are who they really are, and as they grow older they simply become more adept at hiding that child. But the child never leaves, it's just squelched a little bit. You may, however, find that in times of extreme emotion your child takes control because your adult simply doesn't have the faculties to handle the situation. Your adult will always try to find a way to box life, to set parameters, to quantify and qualify, to understand. But it is when you experience your child that you are truly understanding life.

It is when you experience your child that you understand that life can not be understood, boxed, quantified, or qualified. It is when you realize that you are still that child, wandering through an immense world, seeing things with new eyes, never knowledgeable, but always seeking knowledge, unaffected by the societal filters our adults are slaves to.
Free to be free. Free to be me.

When a time of change approaches our adults will die a hundred deaths before they can pick out curtains. Our children embrace change as a new adventure. Someone worth quoting said "Childhood is that state which ends when a puddle is viewed as an obstacle instead of an opportunity." Your child will live through this change, and actually embrace the excitement of it.


In a life full of change and philosophy there will always be a few things that remain unchanged. These inescapable static truths. No matter how far off the path or along the path you may venture, you will always come across them. At times when they were the farthest thing from your mind, they will be there. Ineptitude. Possibilities. Love. Haunting you. But why?

This is the real question. Why? Why are they always there? Are they torments, or are they reminders? Are they some higher power trying to point you in the right direction? Or are they fates twisting your will, driving you inwardly mad?

There is only one way to find out. To embrace the ideal this truth is offering. To examine it with your new eyes. To believe that this truth could provide you with a new life of endless happiness. And to accept that it could hurt you more deeply than anything you ever thought possible.

This is the meaning of life.

To exist on that fine line. To experience the elating highs, and the crushing lows. To seek those truths which exist forever inside you.

Without the drive to seek those truths, you exist in limbo. Always waiting, waiting for something to happen for you. Or to you. Instead of passing through life, life passes through you. And beyond all, you feel an emptiness. You've felt it your whole life. Some inperceptiable imperfection in your reality. Something missing, some purpose, some direction, some truth.

This is why you must seek those truths. Because they are intangibly important. Because without them you lack meaning. Because they prove your existence. Because they are the only things in your life that never change.

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