Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Eating Fish!

Trout are freshwater fish, and have underwater weapons!
(Don't you go too near them!)
Trout are very valuable, and immensely powerful!
(Keep away from the trout!)

I overheard this song while eating at Chipotle. It was so freaking random I had to try to find it. The only part I knew was that it has a chorus where I says:

Fish, Fish, Fish, Fish, Fish;
Fish, Fish, Fish, Fish, Eating fish!

I somehow found it by googling around and picked it up off iTunes.

Fish by Mr. Scruff on the Keep it Unreal album.

Worth the $0.99 if only for novelty. I loved the hell out of the trance/dance/lounge/jazz sound, and bought his Mrs. Cruff album. It's quite good.

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