Friday, May 08, 2009

Did everyone enjoy the 7 billion dollar bonfire?

I hope so.

But didn't President Obama say that this was an investment in the future of this country? He said that he expected some of these bailouts to come back and earn us more money in the future. I mean, sure, we all were a little wary of the idea of viewing it as an investment, because if it was a viable investment, private money would have been all over it. But we need to get behind our President, because we're in a crisis. Not like Iraq, 9/11, or Iran working toward nukes, this is a REAL crisis, so we need to get behind our President, no matter party affiliation. We need to march lock-stop behind him. Who cares where he's leading us? He's the agent of change this country needs! He's the glorious leader! He knows better than us mere citizens. He is our better.

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ErnestThing said...

Actually, a bonfire would have been more useful.