Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Legal internet access

Well, I have my first *cough*legal*cough* internet access. I decided a bit ago that someone in my position should try to have more of a net presence than I've been trying to maintain (or NOT maintain), so now that I've got an IP I can call home, I plan on making some of my scripts and programs available to the public. Sadly, my impressive scripts and programs are not mine to publish; this leaves only my personal scripts which are (usually) quite ugly, and usually just proof of concepts that serve little purpose. Oh, and the porn scrapers...

My previously clandestine approach to teh intarweb, it seems, must be replaced with a cautious presence. This will afford me a few headaches related to the red tape of my work, and adjustment to my... er... conduct... But the it's important enough for me to spend the time on it.

So I'll ease into non-anonymity slowly, and see where it gets me.

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