Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The death of recess

Bruce over at mAss Backwards tells us that a school has chosen to ban tag from being played at recess.

Children are competing in some manner, shape, or form?! Sweet fancy Moses! We must put a stop to that!

Nylarthotep notes in the comments; "Can you imagine a JV football team in that district?"


Anonymous said...

What?! Say it ain't so? Tag is being banned at a public government run school? Is it in California? They must be a delayed school. There have been some other Cali schools that banned tag and Red Rover well over four years ago. What's next? No voting for school president? No skipping on the black top? What about those damn monkey bars that give callouses? Lets just ban everything and have the kids sit and sing Kumbiaya and pass joints to each other. I mean dandelions!
from KY ;-)

ExistingThing said...

Truly, something is surely rotten in the states of California and Massachusetts...

And I've only the slightest clue who "from KY ;-)" would be, though I doubt my idea is correct. Though I will not worry who is who and what is where and when is why, I welcome you to the fold from KY ;-) from ET :-)

Anonymous said...

I am sure your guess is correct. And you're absolutely right about things being rotton in Cali. Based on some of the things I've read about Mass, I'm guessing it's rotten there too. I can't possibly imagine them giving up the right to bear arms based on history alone.'s down right sacreligious. What is this country coming to? It's scary. It is truly scary.