Friday, September 14, 2012

Yes, you do need to show your license

The Blaze: Texas cop drags 77 y/o grandma from car for refusing to show her ID while driving.

At this time, driving is a privilege, and is subject to you following the rules while doing so. Much like signing your ticket, failure to do so is a jail-able offense. It's only for convenience that the cops let you sign something or only require ID while you drive. Otherwise they'd haul everyone to jail who broke the speed limit.

I can't say the cop overreacted, because he was really doing his job. The only point of discretion he had was pulling her over. After he did, he had to either do his job, or say, "Well, you win lady. No ticket for you. Bye!" and that's not going to happen...

I'm reminded of something I wrote earlier.
It was a surprise to learn that "Don't mess with Texas" wasn't a warning to oppressors to leave them alone, but a warning that the state is set in its ways and may fine you $10,000 for littering. To me, there isn't much difference between oppressively restrictive and oppressively polite.

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Bob S. said...

I think there are two separate and related aspects.

First, the cop stopped being a 'peace officer' and was/is only concerned about enforcing the law.

He didn't stop trying to control the situation to actually listen to what should be one of his neighbors. She had a reason -- valid or not, I don't know but she tried to tell him. As someone with digestive issues, I can tell you how painful and embarrassing it can be at times.

Had he listened, he might have followed her some place and then ticketed her.

And that brings to the 2nd point; yes -- she had to show her ID and should have while she was explaining. I will say the cop over reacted. This is directly a result of the 'us vs. them' mentality indoctrinated by so many in law enforcement leadership. They have forgotten that it is "to protect and to serve" not just arrest and enforce.

Not everyone they deal with is a harden criminal -- they should remember that and act like it.