Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hooray for Google searches!

Looks like a possible armed robbery averted! With a bonus on the outclick!

Yes, my downtrodden and disaffected victim of society, robbing someone with a gun loaded or unloaded, seen or unseen, will get you an armed robbery charge. In fact, you don't even need a gun to get an armed robbery charge! You just have to say or imply you have a gun! Never thought a pointing finger in your coat pocket would get you an additional charge did you?

Now that you know that laws are, in fact, meant to put you in jail for a long time, how about not breaking them?

PS: I hope you finished that article from the Daily Kos, it has been a bewilderment to us on the right why liberals aren't interested in arming themselves. Well, not technically, I mean, we know WHY you don't arm yourselves, because that would require you to take responsibility for something other than the topping on your bagel. Feel free to continue. We're not complaining.

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