Monday, May 28, 2012

The Next "Evolution" of Obama?

Lets just be honest and admit that it was super impressive how president Obama "came out" in support of gay marriage.

I remember it like it was yesterday... [wavy screen here]

He called a televised, joint session of congress, stood at the podium facing his dissenters in the room and in the world, and spoke his convictions clearly. He made an impassioned appeal to the equality of all people, as only he, our first black president, could make. He appealed to our better selves, and challenged us to support each other in the brotherhood of man, instead of finding petty differences to divide ourselves and isolate scapegoats. I particularly liked the part where he said he would make the issue of equality a cornerstone of his presidency, and indicated that he would send multiple recommendations for legislation to the congress for their vote, up or down. He wasn't just going to say words, he was going to take action, and make our politicians go on the record so future generations can look back and see how backward our world view once was.
It truly is a brave new world.

Oh no wait, he mumbled it in passing in an interview, and went home.

But that's alright, I guess. I mean, it was at least impressive to come out in support of gay marriage when public opinion is so against it!

Oh wait, U.S. Acceptance of Gay/Lesbian Relations Is the New Normal

To be honest though, when I first heard this announcement, I was confused. I had always figured most liberals support gay marriage, but traditionally, it gets voted down (with several prominent losses quite recently) leading to a schism between what people blurt to Gallup and what lever they pull behind the curtain. Either way, it was a divisive issue to take up on an election year. It was a very strange move that didn't make political sense to me.

But then I heard about Biden voicing his support for gay marriage and the praise heaped upon him by the LGBLT (lesbian, gay, bacon, lettuce, tomato) community.

Yes, if you ever question what this president is doing, just put yourself in his position and thin your skin so much you could suntan your liver. Then this move makes sense.

But enough of Obama's self-destructive, ham-fisted, poll chasing, lets talk about this exciting new study!

"Pro-Choice" Americans at Record-Low 41%

Gee that graph looks familiar...

So is this the next "evolution" of Obama?

Or do we have to wait until Biden stumbles into some perceived sleight?

Politics that change with the wind?
O brave new world!

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