Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What has two thumbs and a job?

THIS guy...

Special thanks to the old coworker who told me about this place. It's actually a large company, so I'm looking forward to not having to deal with a lot of small company BS. Obviously, this also means things will be a bit more structured than a small company, which is fine. I didn't really take advantage of the small company's loose management style, though others did. I'll just be happy to get regular raises, and medical that doesn't cost an arm leg.

The job promises to be the one thing that I missed the most from my last one, challenging. It seems I'm suited for more advanced work than the entry position I'll be going into, but it's the job everyone has to start at to get the base of knowledge needed to move up. Did I mention there's upward mobility? That's the second thing I missed from the last job.

Now, on to the matter of Anon...

A while ago I wrote a post arguing that the people that have exhausted their 99 weeks of unemployment benefits can make my subway sandwich or move. This was something to which Anonymous took offense;
i truly hope somday you lose yor job and see what its like to be in the 99ers shoes,you sit here and make dumb ass comments ,jackass

To which I replied...
You can hope that I'll lose my job, but that won't put me in the 99ers' shoes. Because losing my job doesn't make me sit on my ass for 99 weeks, and then bitch about it when my free money runs out.

But for sitting there and making dumb ass comments, I'm pretty sure you're one of the 99ers, and I'm pretty sure I'M PAYING YOU to make your dumb ass comments on my blog.

Whether that makes you dumb, or me dumb is up for debate.

Meanwhile, the goddamn Subway still has the help wanted sign up. So please Anon, get up tomorrow morning, look yourself in the mirror real hard, and then MAKE MY FUCKING SANDWICH.

Since then, I've had the rare opportunity of having life put my money where my mouth is, and I've come to a few conclusions. They are here.


NotClauswitz said...

I lost my Stanford job back in '89 when they got caught with their Federal pants-down on indirect-cost recovery issues, then my first Animation job in '92 when the small-company decided to keep it all in-family, then Graphics again in '93 when those bozos got caught cooking the books, and finally again from the eBook group in '03 when the dot-com tank-bomb blew the CEO and his girlfriend out of the company - and each time the benefits timed-out before I found a new job. It's a problem with having semi-specialized skill-set, trendy and in low-demand but high-profile - but I didn't time out, I temped at Kelly and Manpower and did various totally non-career related things.
I would have made sandwiches if asked, but for those jobs an older experienced person tends to get quickly passed over by the sandwich-shop owner, and they hand them to younger people. Sorta like the job I had doing graphics and stuff. Now it's all younger kids doing it - partly since it's a peer-group hiring practice where the trendy yout' hire each other since they communicate on the same level - but also they cost less and are more easily molded and behaviorally manipulated.

JP said...

My special skill has always been the ability to do almost anything. Carpentry(2 different contractors), to dish washer(my shortest stay at a job),to bicycle mechanic (2 shops one 2 times), to Automotive salvage yard worker(done part time while sorting out a dispute at the first and later third bicycle job), to delivery driver, outside sales (got fat, drove 2500 miles a week doing both), to warehouse manager(that same autopart job I did sales and deliveries for), Aircraft fueler (three companies)Satellite tv installer/ warehouse manager(got screwed there big time) and then my biggest stretch of being unemployed since leaving the contractors remodeling houses in N.O. in 1985. . . August, September and into October... I went to a temp agency and in less than a week I was working at the job I have now making chemicals and fire fighting foam.

I have been approved for benefits once, and never received them as I was already working by the time the notice came through. That was the first bike job. I quit the junkyard the day after forcing the owner of the bike shop to either fire me or bring me back as a mechanic full time and stop trying to get me to do carpentry for the piddling wages he was paying, or pay me the going rate for a carpenter.

then there is the fabrication I have done for race cars. Tire work for a buddy just to help him out at his service station (He would let me use all his machines and lifts for my own work so it was repaying in kind really) AC work in my own home (everything but the final charge) Fabricating an AC to work in my old Sales car (73 Dodge Colt GT...egad I miss that car) Lumbering off trees, butchering animals. . . .what else have I done in my 44 years?

Fletch said...

Geez guys, you're making me feel like a little kid!

Thanks for sharing your experiences here.