Monday, January 25, 2010

Ca. plan to release 6,500 felons starts today

UPDATE: 9 days later...

Are you ready?

From SacBee: California inmate release plan begins
The state's controversial plan to reduce its prison population by 6,500 inmates over the next year begins today,

6,500 is just the FIRST year. The ultimate goal is the early release of 40,000 felons.
The plan calls for inmates deemed low-risk offenders to earn credits on their prison sentences by completing rehabilitation and education programs [while outside of prison]

Well, they may be low-risk, but at least they're going to keep an eye on them.
In addition, offenders deemed low-risk would not be subject to parole supervision upon release from prison, meaning they would be less likely to be returned to prison for minor parole violations.

So they're going to release these "low-risk" offenders, and they're not going to watch them? And the reason they're not going to watch them is because they don't want to catch them breaking the law, and have them come back.


When criminals keep returning to prison for breaking laws, the solution is not to put on blinders so you can't see them break laws.

If criminals who get let out of prison early on the condition they don't break any more laws, break small laws, THEY'RE PROBABLY GOING TO BREAK BIGGER LAWS!
Corrections director Matthew Cate has called the plan a "landmark achievement" in increasing public safety because it calls for parole agents to focus on higher risk parolees and cuts their average workloads from 70 parolees to 48.

Really? Releasing more felons from incarceration early will make the population safer?

Are you willing to bet your life on it, Mr Cate?

You don't look like someone who would bet their life.

Then why is it that you are betting OUR LIVES?!

What will you say when the first person is murdered?

Claim the system failed?
Argue that we need to try harder?
Offer an independent review?

What's the fucking point when Lily Burk lies dead in her own car with her throat slashed?

Oh yeah... Forgot about that did you?

Due to a clerical error, the violent home invader Charlie Samuel was classified as a low-risk offender. Which is why he was free to roam the streets, and slash Lily Burk's throat with a Pellegrino water bottle.

How many of the 6,500 will be Charlie Samuels? 50%? 25%? 10%? Lets be carelessly optimistic, and say 1%. That's 65 murders this year. Is that acceptable for the minor fiscal savings this program promises?

Lets not forget the plea deals DAs offer to keep the worst crimes off of the criminal's record in exchange for a guilty plea. The people who review these "low risk" cases will only see what the criminal pleaded guilty to.
Law enforcement officials ... expressed frustration at the notion of offenders returning to their communities – without supervision – at the same time budgets are being slashed and officers are getting laid off.

Oh yeah, this is the perfect idea at the perfect time.

You want to know the best part?

California is enjoying the lowest crime rates in decades.

Just as we begin reaping the rewards of the three strikes law, they intentionally begin action to make us less safe.

I'm an optimist, and I always begin by suspecting the best of intentions of others. But this? It's pretty goddamn hard to imagine how this could have been done with intentions other than, "Lets make the people hurt so they'll approve the taxes we want."


Ry Jones said...

Room for you in Idaho.

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