Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Okay, so the object of my latest obsession is a new paintball marker (above)... Big suprise there... I've been avoiding the idea of spending over $1000 dollars on some kick-ass marker, but it just seemed like a SERIOUS waste of quite a bit of money! Not to mention a serious commitment to that marker!

So I've been kinda torn as to what I should do. I keep going paintballing, which only serves to remind me of the shortcomings of my marker. So I know I need to do something, but I don't know what! I know that if I pay over $1000 for a paintball gun I'd never be able to live with myself! I have enough trouble already convincing myself to go out and spend $50 on paint, $12 on air, etc. Not to mention that the purchase of a new kick-ass marker reqires that I make several other purchases, in addition to the expensive and excessive amount of paint I'll be using...

There didn't seem to be an answer for me besides being doomed to enjoy a sport by shelling out hundreds of dollars to play it.

Until I started researching the phantom...

The reviews on pbreviews are glowing! (which is very hard to find) The lowest rating I could find was an 8/10... PBReviews is the first place I go for gear. I first sort by the best ranked, and then look at the items that have over 50 reviews. (to have a 10/10 rating for 2 reviews is nothing compaired to a 9.8 rating after hundreds of reviews) This is usually a good indicator of what is really good equipment.

While reading the reviews, I saw a few recurring points:
1. This marker is disturbingly accurate
2. This marker is light, reliable, efficient, and has GREAT customer service (service unheard of in the paintball industry)
3. Playing pump will expose all the holes in your game and force you to become a better player.
4. Playing pump will save tons (tons) of money on paint and air.

This sounds like the answer to all my problems. Plus the damn thing costs $200-$380, that's a sweet grand off of what I'd been afraid of buying!

This should be good.

There is a friendly fire coming up on the 15th and (if I don't buy one before then) I'm going to ask my friend if I can use his all day (I think he's got a phantom...)

Geez, for $200 I could impulse buy one!
(our finances are stabilizing! Thank god!)

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