Friday, August 24, 2007


On the advice of a book I won't mention, (some of you may know it) I've written a bit of poetry. (I've also put on a black beret, and thick, box-framed glasses)


A Slave

"If government gives fish, men eat for a day.
Why not give men fish?" You ask. And I say;
"If you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day;
If you teach a man to fish, your power goes away.
When a man begs for fish, and promises to behave,
This man is not free. This man is a slave.

He knows that his government is corrupt with deceit,
But he can't change a thing, while he sucks at its teat.
He'll do as he's told, and be patted on the head;
'Yes, Massa. No, Massa. May I have some bread?'

No heartache compares with a man who can see
A slave who thinks that he is free."


gudis said...

Not bad, especially when considering how any idea in the world sounds corny as hell when expressed in rhyming-couplet form.

ExistingThing said...

I know. Kinda sucks, don't it?