Monday, May 03, 2010

When the guy shooting at you misses, it doesn't mean you're bulletproof.

Another non-terrorist terrorist attack technically thwarted under Obama.

If this bomb had gone off, it would be viewed as a terrorist attack on the US under Obama. But since the bomb failed to kill anyone, no one cares.

It's not like the feds were "biding their time" until the bomb was just about to go off, then used satellite laz0rz to disarm it at the last minute. They didn't know about it. As with Abdulmutallab, the only thing that stopped this attack was the fumbling of the terrorists themselves.

These "failed" attacks should be regarded as seriously as one would successful attacks.

But when no one dies, it's easy to downplay the threat.
But when lots of people do die? Well, then they downplay the motivations.

This administration has troubling record of post-event political damage control instead of pre-event prevention. One of these times the American people, and Obama, are not going to be so lucky.

What will we do then?

Congressional investigatory circle-jerks?

As Matt and Trey so pointedly reminded us; we're still afraid to pretend Muhammad is inside a bear mascot suit. How the hell can we expect the decision-makers of our society to do what needs to be done to stop threats from radical islam?

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Huey148 said...


Lets not piss any Islamic groups off by pointing out we are fighting extremists..its live we are afraid that if we upset them that they might actually bring their A game with them...