Friday, May 28, 2010


There's a jackknifed fuel truck burning on the primary thoroughfare to get from Orange County to Vegas, the desert, several lakes, and every other form of memorial day fun. The current ETA for road clearing and safety confirmation is 5 hours, and is probably pretty optimistic. The backup has already spread to many nearby freeways, and it's unlikely anyone's gong anywhere.

And I can't wipe this evil grin from my face.

Every day I drive to a major business city at 1pm to go to work, and I have a good idea of what to expect of the traffic on the way in. Because of that, it's extremely obvious to me when people are leaving work early, or just don't come in. As a bonus, I can also not the call volume from our customers, which usually serves as a good indication to the amount of people actually doing work on any given day.

I register my annoyance when a holiday approaches and people leave in the middle of the day on a Friday, or don't show up on a Monday. Or worse, when a random weekday is collective unconsciously picked as a ditch-day. Yeah, it's none of my business who works when, but I just can't help but wonder... Who the fuck are these guys, and where do they work that they can go in late, leave early, or just not show up at all so damn often???

Maybe I'm a little sore that I don't get all these days off, but I think it's mostly the lack of work ethic or pride in your job. I suppose these people could just hate their jobs, but still...

Either way I can't help but smile at their plan to skip out on work early severely spoiled. Guess that makes me a bad person :P

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