Thursday, May 13, 2010

Seriously, windows?

Was tweaking some code for windows execution last night, and it froze on me twice. Once in the middle of testing (I'm constantly saving my work, of course), and when I was finished, it froze on the shutdown screen. Which brings the total of Windows 7 freezes to six.

I'm sorry to bitch, it's just that this stuff blows my mind!

I've got a brand spanking new laptop fresh from Dell with the latest and greatest flavor of Windows on it, all factory defaults, no funny business, no tweaks, no hacks, no items, fox only, final destination, and the fucking thing STILL crashes fresh out of the box.

What's even more fucked up is that people put up with it because it's what they've been conditioned to expect from computers.

Number of Linux crashes: 0

Blows my mind...


Anthony said...

Dell still loads Windows machines with craplets, right from the factory, no?

ErnestThing said...

Actually, I was pleasantly surprised how little stuff I had to clean up! McAfee and Dell support were all that needed to be removed. I'm glad they got their act together on that front.

Kelly Byrd said...

Run Linux, run Windows in VMware Player. It's free (as in beer). Dual booting is so 1990's :-)