Monday, May 03, 2010

My ears are cold

I paid for my second haircut in about a decade. (the first was when I got married, the rest were grabbing the clippers and buzzing my head)

Figured that if I want people to buy what I'm selling, it might help not to have hair down to my shoulders. Really, it was more about time spent dealing with my hippie hair. If I feel lazy heading in to work, I'll just toss a hat on, but if I'm going to a morning meeting, I don't want to have to spend a bunch of time "doing" my hair, and I don't want to show up wearing a cap either.

I suppose there is something to be said for looking the part.

As much as I'd like to wear shorts, sandals, and my favorite shooting range t-shirt under my jesus hair, I can see how it could be off-putting to some potential customers.

What if it was on-putting to a few customers? This is California, hippies run companies too. *shrug* I'll just stick with biz-caj. (that's business-casual talk for "business-casual")


DirtCrashr said...

There was a fairly alert-looking guy in Safeway on Sunday who was very cajsh, -cashjh, ~casual, -whatev. His long thing gray-brown hair had maybe been combed or attended-to last week allowing good portions of scalp to show-through, and his belt managed to thread through the first and last loops which "fortunately" revealed about 5-inches of boxers against milk-white skin - which is to say that I'd much rather see boxers in those circumstances than briefs. However the suit-pants had seen better days. I figured him for a job at Google across the freeway.
My Jesus hair thinned-out a while back, but I only finally cut the ridiculous Iscariot rat-tail of pony-tail I had steadfastly attempted to maintain about a year+ ago. I look at pictures from many years ago when the evidence of scarcity had already firmly presented itself yet I resisted in wispy denial - and shrink in horror at what I was inflicting on friends and strangers - they were nice to me despite my appearance.

ErnestThing said...

To be honest, I resent having to change to get more business, but it's my business, and it's my potential paycheck.

Funny how actions change when your own money is involved.

Looking back on my time going between this and this, I think I'll probably remember this as a good move.

DirtCrashr said...

Looks good either way, and you can still go back! Short is less work and I appreciate that as I get older and have to contend with unexpected outbursts - nose and ear hair. Such weird unruliness from the wrong place is a definite business-killer.
I had to change topsides because there was the other dynamic: thinning. I never had much in the way of short hair because 1.) it was the late 70's and 2.) short and thin just equals invisible. Long and thin gets close to pathos. Dying it blond is just itchy and creepy. When long goes to thin and weedy it just has to go. :-)

ErnestThing said...

I would have no problem with the "shaved head and goatee" look

DirtCrashr said...

Me either but it's like everyone has it including all the gay managers my wife works with at Stanford (they could be clones), and my own goatee won't come in with any strength. :-)