Sunday, May 09, 2010

Blogging from the new lappy on Ubuntu 10, Quixotic Quetzal


because they have stupid names.

so here's waht happenede

I loaded up an ubuntu live usb, and booted into it.

then it booted right up, but the wireless wasn't working, so I spent a bit of time fiddling with it, but couldn't get it started

then we went to my business partner's house, and brought it along.

then some stuff happened.

then I got really really REALLY drunk

then I woke up now with my second real hanover eber (not even that bad), noticed the lappy was in sleep mode, opened it up, and teh intarwebz work.

so I'm pretty sure I got drunk and fixed the linux install in some manner which I cannot recall.

drunk me is smart... or just dumb enough

so this thing is all usb'd up. I gotta get my dual boot on.


ErnestThing said...

oh yeah, windows has crashed on me a total of three times since I got it mid-day friday. one honest-to-god blue screen, and two freezes (one in the middle of a goddamn defrag!)

I'm pretty sure it was the windows 7.

Actually I'm very sure it was the windows. I can't believe I've become a full linux user. I've used it so much that windows just feels wrong to me. oh yeah, still kind of drunk. can't even remember what happened after the third sake bomb.

that's right.




wow I just realized athat today is mothers' day. wonder if I subconsciously picked yesterday to get crazy drunk on purpose. the sushi place was my idea, and me getting Ultra Hyper Portable™ drunk was my idea too.

my motherinlaw was talking about a walking path they have near they interim house, and how some kids built a bmx-stype jump course, and the neighbor saw it as was like, "who build this, and the kid said he built ithimself, and other kids enjoy it now. great story right, sweatofyourbrow and all that. but then the neighbor was like, "what if someone gets hurt?" and awesomeinlaw was like, uhh BMXers take responsibility for themselves. clearly they're libertarians. HA! but allso reveals how good intentions and safetyminded people are not really nazis they're just the people who vote for them. MIND BLOWN. so just applaud industrious work, step back, and get the fuck out of the way.

Davidwhitewolf said...

Congratulations. You just lived through an origin story.

Young man discovers powers he didn't know he had. Will he use them for good or ill? Complicated by the fact that he has to be really drunk to activate the powers. He's the only one who can fix Wells Fargo's mainframe, but at what risk?