Thursday, May 20, 2010

The problem with tasers

I've heard repeatedly that the problem with tasers is that they only incapacitate while they are in the process of shocking. This makes them perfect tools for cops working with backup. One shocks, the other restrains. But in a situation where you are alone? As soon as the initial shock finishes, there is nothing preventing your attacker from ripping out a barb, and charging you.

Found a good video showing a dog being incapacitated by a taser. As soon as the initial shock is finished, the dog is instantly back at 100%.

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Might be useful to hit your attacker with the taser, drop it, and start running. I can see how it could fit in a planned escalation of force, but why dick around when your life is on the line.


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Mike said...

If I remember correctly, the newer civilian models sold by Taser are built to do just that - shoot, drop, run. They run for 30 seconds, while the police model is something like 10.

ksn26853 said...

Police X26 tasers run for 5 seconds unless you hold the trigger, then they run indefinitely. The problem comes when the suspect (or dog) thrashes around and pulls one of the probes out and the circuit is broken.

JP said...

occasionally you find a person who can take the initial hit, they lock, but just as most people would fall on their face (or backwards like Travis Pastrana did on his TV show) the person reaches over and pulls the wires from their body.
Taser, or someone like them also made a "Pain Belt" that dangerous people could be forced to wear in court or similar situations where they have been known to attack people even when wearing restrains.("No need for shackles and chains" the company said, "this will control them and look more dignified")
It tases with a remote that can adjust the power setting.
Most of the volunteer cops who wore it flopped like fish after it got like 1/4 power, screaming in pain.
I saw one cop demonstrate his ability to take the highest setting, and touch the operator of the remote control. The operator got a rather strange look as the guy walked up, grimaced, and put a hand on his shoulder, pulling them together as he finally went to his knees.
"And remember. I ain't on drugs, and I wasn't trying to kill you."

He didn't think some of the perps he dealt with would worry too much about it.

JP said...

p.s. I think I'll stick to my 1911.