Friday, April 18, 2008

Stupid SMS gateways!

I'm working on a project and I can't-damn-find a reliable web SMS gateway! Even google's is half-assed. Fortunately, I'm finding most people have e-mail/sms connectors on their phones, as their providers have added the functionality. (check if you've got it) E-mail is much easier to manage.

The project will be open for alpha soonish, and is open to all who can bear with it, and send me threatening e-mails when shit goes wrong, for the slight benefit of a tag-able note database that is retrievable and update-able from their phone.

More to follow...

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ExistingThing said...

Oh yeah, you might want to send and receive ONE e-mail from your phone and wait until you get your bill. AFAIK, most of the providers charge it the same as a regular SMS message, but I don't want anyone surprised with a 50-cent-per-e-mail BS charge on their next bill after they send and receive 100 e-mails.