Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Behold! I am at work!

Despite buying it at midnight last night with another friend, we did NOT play GTA4 all night, and I did NOT skip work today.

It was tempting, but I figured I'd better... you know... grow up 'n stuff.

I played it a little this morning, but not enough to be really blown away by it. One thing that DID stand out was the character acting (animation) and voice acting. They actually started developing characters. Looking forward to more.

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Liberty said...

Grow up and stuff. Meh.

I slept on a sidewalk for an XBOX 360. Played Mass Effect through ... twice ... the day it was released. And I'm about ten years older than you.

Embrace the dark side ... load up on chocolate covered espresso beans and have at it through an all-nighter, man!