Friday, January 25, 2008

DJ Tiesto sucks

Update 10/8/08: I'm full of shit! I had some wires crossed when I posted this, and posted that he made sandstorm. Well, as one of the commenters pointed out, Sandstorm was done by Da Rude, who really had a mediocre sound (save the original Sandstorm, of course). But that didn't stop me from playing his CD until it was no longer playable. My experience with Tiesto was from one of his earlier CDs, where he sounded just as I described. Uninspired, and underdeveloped. Shitty progression, overused sounds, basically simple shit trance. His newer stuff is MUCH better. In fact, I'd rate it as above average. (which says a bit coming from a snob like me) So, let the record show that DJ Tiesto doesn't suck. Anymore.

I posted the video because I thought it was amusing, but took minor issue with the fact that the video doesn't address the issues I had with his music; rather, it seems to take umbrage to trance in general. Personified by a popular European trance DJ, Tiesto.

Original post follows below

Yes, you made sandstorm, and probably most of the 30,000 remixes of that song. Other than that original, you suck. Your uninspired, underdeveloped music gives trance a bad name.


T-rev said...

dj tiesto is a fuckin queer. i dont know why everyone likes him so much he just plays the same old crap all the time.

Little English said...

because people see him on the goddamn djlist and see that he's number 1, so he "MUST" be the best

premierfan said...

respect for speaking your mind and not buying into the hype. unfortunately many people will brand you guys as jealous haters, but i think you are right, tiesto sucks. i wonder if his 19 year old wife realizes she is about to marry a 40 year old dude whose only life accomplishment is that he has made a few mediocre beats!

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of Tiesto at all, but he didn't produce "sandstorm"
That was produced by DaRude.

Anonymous said...

tiesto is ok but i dont think he should be no. 1 dj, and yeah he did not do the sandstorm music track it was DaRude

Anonymous said...

He kills Trance back to 2002, and makes Trance become nowhere. It stuck until Armin take the Hype by "In and Out Love" even the genre is a trance breakbeat at least the true meaning of trance commercial arising.

He was decent Trance Musician with Ferry Coasten as a group in Gouryella. They do make a masterpiece, Ligaya.

I did enjoy quality tracks before Tiesto era. In my country, they think Trance is Tiesto style. Other than that, not trance arghhhhhh ...

I just wish Armin as #1 DJ could makes everything better, makes the world of Trance and its sub genre have decent meaning and in context.

I can't bring the good old days alone: Goa, uplifting, epic, anthem, melodic, acid, etc. I just wish the best for Trance Scene.

Sorry too long, but I need to spit this wrong feeling about Tiesto.

I prefer Trance to be underground than someone voted as #1 and he ruins everything.

Rockstar8 said...

Why dont you cry about....
DJ tiesto has one of the best Rhythmic beats.