Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Quote of the impact

Have no illusions–gun control is about rich white folks making vain efforts at denying Hispanics and African Americans weapons by way of taking them away from whites, blacks, and every shade in between. It’s punishing all drivers because of the limited few who repeatedly drive and get caught with a BAC of 0.19 . It’s telling Arabs around the world they can’t fly on airplanes because of 19 crazed idiots. It’s denying you and me a glass of beer because Britney Spears can’t control herself. It’s telling glaucoma patients they can’t smoke a joint because crack dealers are killing people.

It’s what you do instead of something.

From Pro-Gun Progressive.


Stout Republican said...

That's actually a really good analogy, and I'm a man who likes his analogies.

blogagog said...

I think guns should be illegal. What good have they ever done?