Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Recheck your rifle's bore the day after you clean it after firing corrosive ammo. You think you got it all? Check again.

It takes almost no time, and can save yer damn rifle! DO IT.

Concordantly; CLP does NOT seem to dissolve the salts from corrosively primed cartridges, and I was 10 minutes late for work today.


Michael said...

Soapy water. Hot and soapy is best. Plain water works fine, though. I usually just patch clean(ish) with Windex or some citrus cleaner or other... whatever's water-based and in a spray bottle basically. Then I run something like CLP through and I'm done.

The Armed Canadian said...

I use 50/50 water/Windex on a wet cotton patch. Swab a couple of those through the bore and follow up with dry patches. Switch to your CLP cleaning regimen as normal.

The one time I swabbed the bore with the 50/50, I didn't dry the bore properly and got a rusty red patch when I went to clean it. Not a catastrophe but unnerving. As long as that ammonia patch is coming out of the muzzle blue, you're good.

Never had a problem with this routine. When I shoot milsurps, I carry a bottle in my range bag and do the swabbing before I leave the range. They don't mind if you ask first. That way I can put the gun on the rack and not have to clean it immediately if I don't want to. Most of the time, I do clean them when I get home. It bugs me to leave milsurps uncleaned (unlike the AR which can sit if I don't feel like it).

ExistingThing said...

The first day I CLP'ed it pretty good and was satisfied that it was enough. The next day, I sprayed windex down the barrel about 10 times, and drew cotton patches through it until they came out the same color they went in. Yesterday (third day!) I poured a few cups of hot soapy water, scrubbed, CLP'ed, scrubbed, CLP'ed, and dried. Today, the bore is still as mirror sharp as it was last night when I finished. Looks like I'm going to have to buy a turkey baster or squeeze bottle or something to make it easier to flush the barrel with hot soapy water. The chrome of my bore is still bright, and I can't find any *gulp* pitting. (knocks three kinds of wood)